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Pilot Schools Access Only

As part of the WCED Game-Changer initiative we are testing the feasibility of introducing School Administrative Software to all schools to ensure uniformity and a link with CEMIS.

One of the first school administrative packages we will test is the free South African School and Administration System (SA-SAMS) supplied by DBE. As part of the pilot schools, your school will have access to this website where we will have lots of resources and help. eAdministration, to facilitate school administration using digital technology

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We have assembled SA-SAMS resources for all the schools partaking in this pilot programme. As this is only a testing phase, most of the resources will only be available to the schools who have received logon credentials to utilise the site.

Part of accessing the restricted section of this website is a section where you can partake in asking questions relevant to SA-SAMS and we will try to answer it as quickly as possible.

Note that you can search through questions asked already to prevent duplication, and if you know and answer, please try to assist, so that our Q&A repository can grow for the benefit of everyone.

The WCED Coordinating this Pilot Programme

They are the first port of call for any logistical issues. Hardware and so on. For SA-SAMS related problems logon on to our Q&A portal.

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Information Analyst

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Questions and Answers

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Utilising the questions asked on the SA-SAMS Forum over the past five years, we have chosen the most relevant and made it available for you here to easily access. Feel free to answer any question that you might have a solution too.

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